S1.2 Destroyer of Worlds

Destroyer of Worlds is written by Stefan Budansew. You can learn more about Stefan at his blog or purchase Immersion on Amazon. Stefan Budansew has been storyteller his entire life, however he only started writing the stories down in 2013. Initially encouraged by Nanowrimo, Stefan published his first short novel, Immersion, in 2015, and has … Continue reading S1.2 Destroyer of Worlds →

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Where did the time go?


A whole two and a half months without a posting? What has happened?

For one, due to my work with the elections field, and the Canadian Federal Election – I was unfortunately pulled away from all pastimes – and that includes writing.

And with November – this means this year’s instalment of NaNoWriMo, I’ve started working on the sequel to Immersion. To those people who were asking about it – it will (one day) become a reality. I will still need to finish it, and go through my dreaded editing – but the foundation will be there.

The current working title is Inversion. I’m not sure if I’m 100% sold on it yet. (Let me know what you think, if you have an opinion in the comments) I liked the idea of keeping the titles thematically similar and after bantering around a long list. My runner up was Alienation; (which I still might go with)

Scroll down to the end of this blog and I’ll give you an early snippet!

In Other News…

I haven’t forgotten about the Monsters in the City anthology. I’m one of the ones dragging behind, however hopefully there will be more good news to share about this project by the end of this year. I know that Mariah Avix has completed her piece, and I need to catch up with the other authors. (shameless plug – go check out Thieves on her blog site – she also has it available in AUDIO format!)

I’ve also started working (between everything else) on the editing for Arktos Falling. I’m not sure if it’s timing will be before or after Inversion – more details, as well as sneak peaks and snippets to come.

Enough Talk – give me the gubs!

Here is a unwashed-unedited clip from Inversion:

The landing craft had rested beside a sister on a small rocky outcropping. It was the only solid ground around, and the only space large enough to handle even the small Tsiolkovsky shuttles. The door slid open, and for a moment a blue shimmer appeared around Delilah as she stepped out.

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August Update – part 1

Sorry for the absence – here is part one of my August update.


I’d like to thank those who have read my book and given me feedback. It’s very rewarding to hear the good reviews and hear the excitement towards the next book.  It may take some time, but there will be a book two.  As I start to work on it, I will no doubt start sharing sneak peeks here first.

Through one of the Goodreads Science Fiction Clubs, I’ve met another burgeoning author like myself – Kenneth Buff. I’m right now reading his book – Sunborn. It’s been an interesting read so far, and I’ll share my review here as well on Goodreads when I’m finished.

I’m also open for any questions people may have about Immersion. Just use that ‘comment’ button below, and I’ll get back to you (hopefully quicker than these monthly updates!)

Monsters in the City

This isn’t the official title, but our little anthology has been coming along.  We’ve lost one writer, but gained a new one.  I’d like to introduce our little group.

  •  Mariah Avix – she’s been my writing partner for a couple years now, and also a close friend. In addition to writing, I game with Mariah and muse about crazy future projects.
  • Dare Peters – another long-term friend who has unfortunately moved away, Dare has also drawn me into other creative pursuits such as Community Theatre.
  • Ariele Sieling – an author I recently met through CampNanowrimo, we were really happy to welcome Ariele to the group.

We may have other mysterious authors to add to the mix – more details in future sneak peeks.

Speaking of sneak peeks – here are a couple little tastes from the anthology –

“You kind of look like you bit the head off something. I doubt it was a bat, but I think I’ll call you Ozzy. Unless they have a name for you.” I spoke in a soothing coo, but my words were completely drowned out by his reverberating growl. “It doesn’t look like you have a collar. We’ll get you cleaned up and check for a chip too. Though I’ll bet a cup of coffee you don’t have one.” He licked some of the blood off his fangs. – Unleashed


Red shrieked. It seemed that we hadn’t drowned [the nightling], but freed it. Dog kept running, passed right by us, and just before he hit the river, leaped, grabbing the creature’s wing in his teeth. The two spun sideways, crashing into the water. I didn’t hesitate, but jumped in too, looking for Dog. There were bubbles and the current was strong. I felt like I was under forever, with the dark waters swirling around me. Then my hands touched fur, and I wrapped my arms around Dog and kicked my way to the surface.  – Red and White

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks!

July Update – Immersion

It’s been some time since I’ve written, and I wanted to catch everyone up to speed.


Immersion has been out for nearly a month, and I’m still loving the idea that I’ve published my first book.  I’m now available on Goodreads and would like to thank those who have taken the time to read and review my book. (Darla & Trudy)  I have also been speaking with my old high-school (Stratford Central Secondary School) who has agreed to carry a copy in their library.

In some discussions on on Goodreads we have been talking about extra material. I’d like to take this time to share some of the extra material I have developed during the course of preparing for Immersion.  I’ll be slowly sharing these and am open to questions or requests.

UWSF ships – here are the silhouettes of the ship classes used by the United World Space Forces:

The main ship Adair uses later in the book is a Archimedes class ship.  I have further detailed this in a figure designed and available through Shapeways. This is also nifty as it allows me to do a pre-render. The figure itself is nearly 4cm long and available in a variety of materials.  I’ve started working on the larger Galileo class, but that will take some time to finish

Archimedes render

I’ll be giving a later update on Camp Nanowrimo for July as I will be starting a new work in collaboration with several other authors.  More details to follow!

And… we’re off!

That turn-around was much faster than the 3-5 days as promised by their disclaimers.  As scary as it sounds, Immersion is now out there for everyone to see.  It can be found at the following links:

Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Immersion-Out-Cradle-Stefan-Budansew/dp/1514158981/

via CreateSpace – https://www.createspace.com/5533342

And finally for those who want to cut down electrons and not trees, via Kindle – https://kindle.amazon.com/work/immersion-out-cradle-volume-1/1514158981/1514158981

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive getting to this point.  As we keep moving forward, I will be giving some more thoughts into my personal journey to get here, as well as the road going forth from here.  I have several projects at varying states of completion – the closest would be my 2nd novel which is right now in editing stages – Arktos Falling.  I’ll give more snippets as I get closer to it’s release.